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Node JS is one of the most popular and most performant tool to build high-performant and scalable server side software.  With the option of a vast number of libraries and frameworks, Node JS is the preferred option to develop applications that require concurrent connections and fast response times.

Our Node JS developers leverage the framework capabilities to build small and enterprise software. Whether you build serverless functions or a complete NodeJS API with millions of concurrent connections, our team is here to help you reach your goals.

Why MoldoWEB

  • Our developers have advanced hard and soft skills
  • Continuous training and development plans
  • Excellent English

Areas of expertise

API Development and Integration

We create scalable and performant APIs powered by NodeJS to handle a lot of I/O operations


Using the microservices architecture we build NodeJS services that are loosly connected and independent.

Serverless Functions

With NodeJS your functions can run independently in the cloud without the need of deploying an entire application.

NodeJS Migration

We migrate applications built in other frameworks and legacy code to latest Node JS version.


Our Node JS Services

Custom Node JS Development

We will identify your project needs and assign suitable members to a development team to make your project a success.

Custom Node JS Development

Hire Node JS Developers

We will provide one or more experienced Node JS developers to work in your existing development team.

Hire Node JS developers

Outsource Node JS Development

Outsource your Node JS development project to us and our experienced development team will make it a success.

Outsource Node JS Development

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