Elevating Managed Print Services: Print Tracker's UI Enhancement

Developing the user interface (UI) for a printer usage data collection product at Print Tracker.

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Web Development
  • Technologies: Figma, Angular, Node.js, Mongo DB
  • Industry: Managed Print Services
  • Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
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The Managed Print Services (MPS) industry has emerged as a vital solution for businesses seeking to optimize their document management and printing processes. Efficient print management remains an essential part of organizational operations, particularly for companies with extensive printing needs.
Managed Print Services providers offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline printing workflows, reduce costs, improve security, and minimize environmental impact. This industry caters to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses with modest printing requirements to large enterprises managing extensive printer fleets.

Print Tracker offers printer usage data collection services for both extensive and compact printer fleets within the managed print services industry. 

Recognizing the need for a cutting-edge user interface to complement their data collection services, Print Tracker embarked on a transformative partnership with MoldoWEB. 


Print Tracker's primary challenge was to develop an intuitive and efficient user interface for printer supply lifecycle management to improve the experience for their clients. Print Tracker wanted their clients to easily navigate and manage their printer resources, resulting in greater user satisfaction and productivity.

Project Scope and Objectives

In pursuit of enhancing their printer supply lifecycle management system and ensuring their software remained cutting-edge, Print Tracker collaborated with MoldoWEB. 

This project had several key objectives aimed at delivering a powerful and intuitive user interface while also future-proofing their software through a significant Angular framework upgrade. Below are the project's main objectives:

  • Implement a user interface for printer supply lifecycle management based on provided Figma designs.
  • Develop the necessary Node.js backend endpoints and MongoDB database queries to support the user interface.
  • Upgrade the existing Angular 12-based Monorepo project to Angular 14, ensuring improved performance and compatibility with the latest web standards.


Solution and Impact

  • UI Design Excellence: Transformation of Figma designs into a functional, visually captivating user interface. The result was a seamless and intuitive platform that streamlined printer supply lifecycle management for Print Tracker. This newly designed interface significantly improved operational efficiency, enabling Print Tracker's clients to manage printer supplies with ease.
  • Technological Innovation: Angular served as the cornerstone of the user interface, providing a robust foundation. Backed by Node.js and MongoDB, the backend ensured efficient data management and retrieval, contributing to the system's overall efficiency and functionality.
  • Angular Version Upgrade: In addition to UI design and development, we upgraded Print Tracker's existing Angular 12-based system to Angular 14. This upgrade enhanced software performance and future-proofed the solution, aligning it with emerging web standards and technology advancements.


In closing, the collaboration between Print Tracker and MoldoWEB resulted in a highly efficient user interface for printer supply lifecycle management. The upgraded Angular framework ensured that Print Tracker's software stayed up-to-date, and could adjust to changes in the industry. 

The project's results were far-reaching, encompassing improved user experience, operational efficiency, technological advancement, client satisfaction, competitive positioning, and future growth opportunities.

What our client says about us

Clark McCauley
VP, Print Tracker, USA
"MoldoWEB completed all tasks within a reasonable timeline and with great code quality. The team was easy to work with, as they incorporated into the project quickly and were very responsive to the client's needs. Moreover, they worked quickly and met the client's expectations."