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Angular is a JavaScript framework for client-side development of dynamic applications. It is created by Google with reusability, stability and performance in mind. Angular delivers the productivity and scalable infrastructure that supports Google’s largest applications.

Our Angular developers leverage the framework capabilities to build high-performant and scalable web and mobile applications.

Why MoldoWEB

Angular Highlights

  • 5+ years working experience with Angular ( since the launch of v2 )
  • 70% of our past projects are powered by Angular


Company Facts

  • Our developers have advanced hard and soft skills
  • Continuous training and development plans
  • Excellent English

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Our Angular Areas of Expertise

Web Applications

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Apps

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Angular JS to Angular migration

Application Development and Maintenance

(E2E, Unit Testing)

Our Angular Services

Custom Angular Development

We will identify your Angular project needs and assign suitable members to a development team to make your project a success.

Custom Angular Development

Hire Angular Developers

We will provide one or more experienced Angular developers to work in your existing development team.

Hire Angular Developers

Outsource Angular Development

Outsource your Angular development project to us and our experienced development team will make it a success.

Outsource Angular Development

Our Best Practices for Angular Development

  • use Lazy Loading to load NgModules as needed and increase performance
  • keep components small and generic to improve code readability and reusability
  • always unsubscribe from Observables to avoid memory leaks
  • leverage static typing in Typescript

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