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Our ethos is to provide outstanding applications and reliable partnerships. The PWA development service is at the base of that foundation, working alongside our clients to develop hybrid apps that surpass expectation, and deliver excellent performance along with a smooth implementation.

Our PWAs are fast and scalable, with in-built flexibility to grow with you as your business evolves. We work alongside you and your team to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, your challenges, and your goals. This allows us to flex and adapt your PWA solution as your business grows and your requirements change.

What is a PWA?

A PWA is like any mobile app - only better! This advanced option provides a multipurpose solution suitable for both desktops and mobile devices. PWAs incorporate all the crucial functions of traditional native apps, but with a faster, more cost-effective, and streamlined development and installation process.

Whilst native apps require a larger investment of time and budget to develop, PWAs offer a budget-friendly and time-efficient option to mobilise your business quickly.

How can a PWA help your business?

Multiple Applications - One Solution A PWA provides a time-efficient resource for your business. They are a combination web and mobile application development, and dual-use suitable for both desktop and mobile. Using a browser-supported app delivers faster loading times, reliable functionality and is compatible with any operating system (iOS / Android / other). A PWA is accessible at any time, allowing you to reach your clients faster wherever they might be.
Privacy and Security Unlike a native app, a PWA is a private app service, available only to your clients at your invitation for optimal security. This means that your business app is not available for public download from any app store, and incorporates an exclusive invitation process. This level of safety ensures that your app incorporates privacy controls for secure data storage and management.
Refined Functionality There are multiple options to customise your PWA. Prompts and push notifications allow streamlined communication to keep you up to speed with events as they happen. Your business can move in time with your clients through a responsive app interface. Your PWA offers automatic functions, such as prompts to install a shortcut to your user's home screen for ease of use. As a modern solution, a PWA can also leverage mobile functions including cameras, media and microphones for speedy communication and information capture.
The Smart Investment The browser-based nature of a PWA optimizes your budget to deliver a long-lasting solution that can be easily adjusted and expanded to grow with your business. A PWA is much faster to develop, is more cost-effective, and delivers reliable functionality. Unlike a native app, making changes is a simple and smooth process, delivering added value to your business. 

Top PWA features

The PWA is blazing fast, close to native performance.
Cross-Platform Development
Build it once for the web. Run it everywhere in browser!
Offline First
Your data will be saved even if the device is not connected to the Internet!
Home Screen Icon
The app will be available on the homescreen, just like a native app!
Push Notification
Alert your app users about things that happen in the app.

Future proof your business

MoldoWEB works with a variety of clients locally and internationally across multiple industry sectors. Our small, expert team deliver efficient apps that make your business and relationship with your customers efficient, smooth and successful.

We are on hand to offer advice, support and recommendations as to the best app to fulfil your business aspirations.

Our job is to work with you, to provide the solutions you need.

Kevin Godbee
owner of, USA
As the owner of the #1 Pipe Forums and Blog in the world with 1,200,000+ posts and 20,000+ members, I was a bit concerned when we had to migrate the platform due to some unscalable work that the previous company did, but MoldoWEB raised and exceeded our expectations delivering us a zero downtime solution which tripled our forum traffic in the upcoming months!
Michael Deslippe
owner of Gecko Active, Canada
My company has been working with MoldoWEB for more than 3 years now and they helped us develop a range of applications from automating processes to e-commerce websites. I can trust them in any project they work on!

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